Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Problems

What internet browser is best for viewing this site?
Chemsol Direct’s web site has been optimised for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 or above, Mozilla Firefox 4.0+, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari 2+. If you do not choose to use any of these recommended browsers, you may experience difficulty viewing some areas of our web site. To update your browser, please visit and/or
How can I report a problem with your site?
If you experience problems that are isolated to our site, please click here for an email form to send us specific details of the issue you are experiencing.
Who do I call if I am having problems with my computer?
We recommend that you call the customer service number for your computer manufacturer or the store from which you originally purchase your computer.
Do you have a non-graphical version of
No. However, images on this site will display "alternative" text if you opt to disable graphics in your browser.
How can I make operate and download faster?
A minimum connection speed of 56K is recommended for viewing this site. Although any connection will work, faster is better. The difference in performance is mainly in the speed that images and text will load as you go from one page to the next.

Before placing an order

Can I have my order delivered if I live outside the UK?
Yes, we now deliver worldwide. For delivery information please click here.
How can I get a product shown online that notes it is "out of stock"?
Products shown on as “out of stock” are backordered or no longer available for purchase online. Some products may still be available in store and for those products the message will tell you to check with us for availability.
Why are there products shown online that are unavailable?
We take pride in continuing to serve our customers after they've made a purchase. Sometimes we allow access to information on unavailable products for a certain period of time. In some cases, we are working to re-stock the product online and offer it for sale in the near future.
How can I get product warranty information?
Unless specified on the product information page, product warranties can be obtained by calling our Customer Care Team at 01492 582 888.
Where can I get additional product information?
Additional product information can be obtained by calling our Customer Care Team at 01492 582 888.
Who do I call to recommend a product you should stock online?
Chemsol Direct welcomes the opportunity to serve you better by allowing you to provide us feedback on products you would like to see on our online catalogue. Customers may use the email form to communicate product needs. Due to the volume of emails we receive, we will not be able to respond personally to your email, but we appreciate your product suggestions.
I don't see a product I am looking for online. Who can I call to see if you have it?
If you are having trouble locating a product online, please call our Customer Care Team at 01492 582 888.
What credit cards are accepted on accepts MasterCard, Maestro and Visa.
What other payment methods are accepted on
Along with MasterCard, Maestro and Visa credit cards, also accepts payments through PayPal and if you’re collecting from our store we also accept cash.

Privacy & Security

If I register on your site, will my personal information be shared or sold?
To learn more about our policies on privacy and security, visit our Privacy and Security Statement page.
How can I opt-out from receiving marketing information from Chemsol Direct?
You can access your online account and edit your "Newsletter Subscriptions" to opt-out of receiving promotional information from Chemsol Direct.


What is your return policy?
For a complete review of the return policy, visit Our Return Policy page.


What forms of payment can be used online?
Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. Paypal.
What if I need additional help regarding paying for my order?
For additional information regarding paying for your order online, by calling our Customer Care Team at 01492 582 888.


I forgot my password. How can I get a new password or retrieve my password?
Visit the "Forgot Your Password" page to reset your password.
How can I change my password?
Click here to access your account online and click on the "Account Details" link for instructions on changing your password.