Hand Washing & Skin Care

Hand Washing & Skin Care

Hygiene is essential in any workplace. Of course we pay particular attention to it in food preparation and health care environments, but it’s important in offices and workshops too. Good Hygiene keeps clients and staff safe and helps cut time lost to sickness. At Chemsol Direct we have a range of skin care and hand washing products to ensure that your staff and customers stay clean and safe.

For washrooms and kitchens we offer a range of hand washing accessories, starting with liquid soap dispensers in different styles and sizes. We also have a choice of liquid soaps as well as anti-bacterial sanitising gels. For hotels and guest houses we offer guest-sized soap bars. For places like hospitals and care homes where frequent hand washing may be required we can supply mild soaps that are gentle on the skin as well as barrier creams.

For industrial and workshop environments we supply heavy-duty hand cleaning solutions. These can remove oil and grease but use a solvent-free formula that won’t cause harm to skin.

For tasks where protection is needed we offer a selection of gloves. There are rubber gloves in standard household grades or industrial quality for heavy-duty work. We also supply disposable gloves suitable for many different tasks, including laboratory and medical tasks, plus powder free vinyl gloves suitable for food preparation, and gloves for workshop and automotive tasks.

Whatever your skin care requirements Chemsol Direct offers products to deal with them, from day-to-day hand washing to tough dirt removal, as well as gloves and barrier creams to offer protection to workers.

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