Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

Being able to clean your hands after using products is a vitally important aspect of any cleaning process. From a professional point of view, it is a necessity for any organisation to provide staff with hand soap or industrial hand cleaner that is seen to be appropriate for the situation at hand.

Chemsol Direct provides a wide range of products that are suitable for domestic and industrial use and can deal with a variety of chemicals and products that might come into direct contact with the skin.

Hand soap can be used several times a day and is typically weaker than some of the more industrial products. One of the main challenges that is likely to be faced is that of allowing staff members to use the products without then spreading germs further. Hand dispensers can allow for ease of use and are stocked by Chemsol Direct alongside the soaps themselves.

When it comes to industrial hand cleaner products, Swarfega is one of the more popular brand names and is seen as more of a domestic product. Chemsol provides harsher cleaning properties that might be more suitable in industrial environments. All of these are available in large or small quantities, allowing for their distribution in whatever way the end customer sees fit.

Having suitable cleaning products is a legal requirement. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the right products are available in suitable dispensers and in the correct place. Failure to achieve this can result in substantial fines or even disruptive scenarios such as the shutting down of your work area. Take the time to get this right from the start to prevent unnecessary problems down the line.

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