Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment

For commercial cleaning equipment, Chemsol Direct can provide what you are looking for. We stock a wide range of cleaning cloths and scourers, brushes, mops, bins and buckets, refuse sacks and safety signs - in fact, all you need to maintain a clean environment.

Our Quickstar microfibre cloths are supplied in packs of 10, offer versatile cleaning and are resistant to bleaches and disinfectants. They can also be machine-washed over 250 times, which is a real bonus. Absorbent bleached dishcloths 20” by 12” are also sold in packs of 10, and if you are looking for a more disposable cleaning cloth, we also stock all-purpose J cloths in a dispenser box containing 200 sheets in addition to other ranges.

Heavy-duty scourers are supplied in packs of 10, and we also stock stainless steel scourers and sponge scourers in the same size packs.

In addition to heavy-duty black bin bags, we supply pedal bin liners, clear biodegradable bags and many other refuse disposal bags, including wheelie bin bags in two grades. Our red Dissolvo sacks are ideal for hygienically dealing with soiled linen and other contaminated laundry.

We stock white 25-litre and 50-litre swing bins, both of which have practical lift-off lids, and a small 12-litre office waste bin in black.

Safety signs are so important, and we supply wet-floor warning signs in a stable cone and in an A sign that folds conveniently when not in use. The A sign has warnings in both English and Welsh.

Chemsol Direct’s range of cleaning accessories includes a refillable trigger spray marked with increments that is ideal for diluting concentrated chemicals and pump dispensers to measure 30ml doses of detergents and soaps in five-litre containers. We also supply 1.5-litre and 10-litre pump-up sprayers with adjustable nozzles to control the amount of spray.

Check out our pages for delivery details on a wide range of colour-coded mop heads, handles and buckets as well as toilet brushes, long-handled dusters and many other cleaning items.

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