Paper Consumables

Paper Consumables

At Chemsol Direct we supply and deliver a wide selection of paper consumables suitable for every type of application in high usage public areas of commercial and industrial workplace environments. We offer a bespoke wholesale solution to satisfy all the essential daily sanitary needs that are integral to the smooth operation of your business. From school washrooms, medical consulting rooms and dental surgeries to beauty salons, factories, forecourts, offices and restaurant kitchens and bathrooms, our full range of budget to luxury, eco-friendly to super strength hygiene products cover everything, everywhere.

Whether the requirement is for hand towels, centrefeed rolls, toilet tissue or lockable dispensers for paper, liquid soap, antibacterial gel, hand lotion and moisturisers, we can recommend the best products for your specific task and location. Sourced with care and discernment from leading UK manufacturers and suppliers such as Softline, SmartOne, Desna, Nicky and Versatwin, our paper consumables are designed to meet your highest expectations in terms of quality, continuity and value. Highly absorbent, versatile and durable, all of our hand towels, centrefeed rolls, toilet tissue and dispensers are exceptionally practical and economical for controlled consumption in the public sphere. This ensures that surroundings are kept neat, tidy and healthy whilst minimising wastage and unnecessary costs.

Featuring a variety of different sizes, styles and subtle colours, from pure white to light blue, fresh green and soft lilac, our range is not only utilitarian, but also attractive, blending well with any style of décor. Finishing touches include timely distribution by our team of helpful and friendly drivers, an accurate and confidential online paper trail to assist with client records and billing, and a highly competitive pricing structure with bulk discounts for trade accounts. So for a safe, clean and hygienic environment, whatever your industry, trust Chemsol Direct to provide the best sanitary solutions for all your business maintenance needs.

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