Paper Napkins

Cafes, restaurants, fast food and takeaway food premises all rely on the convenience and cost-effectiveness of paper napkins. But whether you’re in the catering business or not, disposable paper napkins are an invaluable product to keep on hand. From the simple to the extravagant, at Chemsol Direct we’re pleased to be able to offer them all.

Operating in the cafe or fast food industry, paper napkins are simply an expected essential. But even in the restaurant or catering world, paper napkins have a wide range of advantages over the traditional cotton variety. Of course, there’s the cost. The outlay required when purchasing a set of cotton napkins and the turnover set for most businesses is a non-starter. There is also the laundering to consider.

Paper napkins are cheap and reliable, and in most cases customers prefer them. Whether you want to offer a stack of simple 25cm 2ply paper napkins or are looking for the deluxe, cotton-like quality of the Airlaid 40cm variety, we’ve got plenty of colours and makes for you to choose from.

And remember, modern, disposable paper napkins aren’t as ecologically damaging as they seem. The amount of detergent, water and electricity required to launder traditional napkins is unbelievable. Disposable paper napkins are cheaper, more desirable and not necessarily worst for the environment.

As with all Chemsol Direct purchases, we offer a speedy delivery service for when products are needed right away. Choose our Next Day Delivery Option for when you need disposable paper napkins in a hurry.

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