Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen Hygiene

Chemsol Direct features a range of kitchen hygiene products that can be utilised at home or in a commercial enterprise. We stock a variety of hand and machine dish washing products along with cleaners, sanitisers and concentrate control systems to ensure that all your cleaning needs are more than adequately met.

Our range includes products from top brand manufacturers such as Fairy Liquid, Brillo, Tricel, Chemsol, Ovenforce and a number of other reliable and trusted names. Everything you need to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic is readily available and can be purchased with ease.

In our extensive hand dish washing section, you’ll find a number of concentrate products in varying quantities. Environmentally friendly, natural and bactericidal detergents are all part of our range, along with soap pads that are designed to tackle stubborn, ingrained dirt.

For your machine dish washing requirements, we stock a number of different types of tablets, liquids, rinses and renovating powders, all of which are designed to perform efficiently in a dishwasher. Available in small or larger quantities and suited to both commercial and home environments, our machine dish washing options are extensive and sure to suit all your needs.

Heavy-duty sanitisers, hand wash, oven and fridge cleaners, multi-purpose wipes and concentrates are just some of the products included in our cleaners and sanitisers range. Everything needed to keep an entire kitchen clean and sanitary is available, and we stock products that will easily stand up to the job regardless of your scale of operations. Different styles of packaging, including buckets, spray bottles and canisters, make dispensing easy whilst reducing waste and mess.

At Chemsol Direct, we aim to meet all your concentrate control system, dish washing and kitchen hygiene needs. We cater for every establishment no matter how big or small, and our products are intended to assist you in maintaining the highest standards at all times.

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