Eco Cleaning Products

Eco Cleaning Products

Chemsol Direct knows, for both business and health and safety reasons, a public or shared bathroom must be kept hygienically clean. Frequent cleaning in a public facility uses far more product that domestic bathroom cleaning and this is recognised as an environmental concern.

More and more, businesses are being asked to do their bit for the environment. Environmental codes such as those managing the pollution of the local water table are on the rise. Furthermore, customers and employees expect companies to be more ecologically friendly.

At Chemsol Direct, we supply a wide range of great bathroom cleaning products, including the Ecoforce Washroom Cleaner. This great value, eco-friendly cleaner is biodegradable and non-toxic. It is hypoallergenic and won’t cause any allergic reactions if it touches the skin. For an eco-friendly product, it is surprisingly effective and of course, its non-toxicity takes it out of the group of products with specific storage requirements.

Supplied in a convenient to use, squared-off bottle, Ecoforce Washroom Cleaner is easy to store and easy to pour. Just dilute with water as with any other bathroom cleaner and get to work. After you're finished, this eco-friendly cleaner can be disposed of safely in the drain.

We’re pleased to be able to offer eco bathroom cleaning products and know your business and the environment will both benefit from their use. It’s just another way that you can stay ahead of the competition and be a responsible business.

All Chemsol products are delivered quickly and safely to your home or business. We also offer a next working day delivery option for when time is of the essence.

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