Catering Disposables

Catering Disposables

For all businesses, but especially catering businesses, disposable catering products are often needed. Whether it’s napkins to keep next to the kettle for when biscuits are taken to desks or plastic glasses for outdoor drinking, we’re pleased to say at Chemsol Direct we’ve got them all.

We offer a range of disposable paper napkins in a variety of colours and package sizes. Two-ply napkins are a great, easy-to-grab product to have on hand for cafes, fast-food and office environments We also supply larger 33cm paper napkins for restaurants and functions. The Airlaid 40cm napkin is the ultimate disposable napkin and can be folded in the same way as cloth, making it a great choice for high-quality events.

Suitable for a variety of commercial uses, we also offer a range of plastic disposable glasses. Disposable glasses are especially useful for outdoor catering and events. For both safety and environmental reasons, plastic glasses make sense where there’s a risk of glass breaking and shards lying on the floor or being lost in the grass. Dispensing into plastic is also a good idea when there is a likelihood that glass receptacles won’t be returned to the catering or bar area. Available in pint, half-pint, champagne and measured wine glass sizes, these disposable glasses will keep your glass stores safe and your customers happy.

For cafes and businesses offering takeaway sandwiches, formed sandwich wedges are ideal. The see-through wedge helps to keep the product fresh but also makes the sandwich look much more appealing. We offer both the standard size wedge for simple fillings and the deep wedge for a more substantial sandwich.

All Chemsol products are delivered quickly and safely to your home or business. We offer a Next Working Day delivery option for when it’s really needed.

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