For many organisations the provision of gloves is a regulatory health and safety requirement. For others it may simply be seen as desirable, either within the workplace or within the home, for anyone handling cleaning products on a regular basis. Wearing protective gloves ensures that the skin and nails remain unaffected by harsh chemicals and prevents accidental chemical ingestion once the gloves have been removed.

Chemsol Direct are one of the leading suppliers of gloves of all types, specifications and levels of durability. For example, boxes of latex gloves are available for disposable applications and are often required in bulk in a variety of sectors, including the medical profession.

Industrial nitrile gloves produced by manufacturers such as Shield are a popular choice and are suitable for a wide range of tasks. These heavy-duty products are commonly used in industrial environments but are equally useful in domestic settings where there is a specific need or the individual is using particularly harsh products. Chemsol Direct stocks gloves that are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications.

Rubber gloves are another popular product. We are able to offer discounted pricing on these and on many of our other ranges when purchased in bulk. With products available from reputable manufacturers such as Shield, our household gloves come in different colours and are useful for tasks both in the home and the garden.

Please browse our extensive range of gloves below, and contact the Chemsol team if you need any advice in selecting the most appropriate gloves for your specific requirements.

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