Soap Systems

Soap Systems

We are often so focused on ensuring that our household items are clean and tidy that we forget to look after our own hands and skin. Here at Chemsol Direct we stock a full range of barrier creams and hand cleaning products, such as Swarfega Orange, to ensure that your skin does not end up more stained than is necessary.There are two key approaches that we at Chemsol Direct recommend, the first of which involves the use of barrier cream to prevent the polishes touching your skin in the first place.

We stock a barrier cream by Selden that is applied in a similar way to standard soap and comes in a push-top container, which is particularly useful when the cream needs to be used on a regular basis or when it needs to be easily accessible. We stock an alternative product by Deb and there are also options to purchase dispensers that can be used with any brand.

Linked to this are the soap systems that can be used to dispense soap both during and after the use of cleaning products; for example, the Eco Clenz range provides user-friendly soap systems that are suitable for use on a day-to-day basis. Another alternatives is the Evans hand, hair and body wash, which is perfect for use in washrooms and shower areas.

In addition to the need to purchase the right soap, the system that dispenses the soap is crucial. If the system is user friendly, it will be much more likely that people will use the soap products provided.

Soap products and barrier creams are part of the necessities required to make the use of chemicals and other cleaning products safe and efficient. Take time to choose the right products for your needs, as this will save you time and money in the long run.

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