Healthcare & Hygiene

Healthcare & Hygiene

No matter what your business, ensuring good health and safety practices should be on the top of your agenda. From making sure you have a good supply of available and accessible hand sanitizer to easy to use and reliable first aid kits, at Chemosol Direct, we're pleased to be able to offer it all.

We offer a great line in anti-bacterial cleansers and hand gels in all sizes. Anti-Bac is an essential product for use in any environment where food or money is changing hands. Of course, it doesn’t eliminate the need for washing or glove wearing, but having a dispenser of gel within reach can dramatically cut down on the spread of germs. This in turn reduces staff infection and absences.

Tub wipes are also a sensible product to keep around. We offer both hand wipes and surface wipes, suitable for most surfaces. Having tub wipes around has two major benefits. Firstly, it reduces the need for users to head off to the bathroom to wash their dirty hands. Secondly, it allows for quick and easy cleaning when spills or contamination occurs. In the time it takes to fetch a wet cloth, the dirt is easily transferred to hands, clothes and products. Tub wipes allow any member of staff to deal with the issue immediately and then simply discard the wipe in the bin.

We also supply first aid kit components for all businesses. First aid kits aren't just a good idea; they are a mandatory piece of equipment. Keeping several kits around your premises will ensure they are always accessible and available.

As with all Chemsol Direct purchases, we offer a speedy delivery service for when products are needed right away.

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