Machine Cleaners & Detergents

Machine cleaners and detergents for carpets are among the most powerful and complete carpet-cleaning solutions available. For this reason, many businesses and public buildings rely on them to keep their carpets in good condition and keep the premises up to the standards that are required.

Compared to other flooring types, carpets are very vulnerable to dirt, grime and stains. Unlike a hard floor, spillages can soak in, and dirt and mud tend to work deep into the pile and be difficult to clean off. In a busy environment, a carpet that is not thoroughly maintained will quickly go from brand new installation to dirty, faded-looking and stained because of the amount of dirt, dust and other substances getting into it.

Spot cleaners and manual carpet shampoos are good for individual marks and spills and small areas, but to keep a carpet really looking as it should, then sometimes a deep clean of the whole carpeted area will be necessary. A good detergent or shampoo loaded into a carpet cleaning machine will clean the whole floor and will do so much more thoroughly and effectively than any amount of elbow grease. This will lift all the accumulated dust and dirt out of the carpet as well as being one of the most effective ways to reduce or eliminate stains that have been able to set.

At Chemsol Direct, we sell machine carpet-cleaning solutions and detergents in a range of quantities, depending on your needs. Used in conjunction with a good cleaning machine, these high-quality carpet detergents will help keep your floors looking as they should.

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