Machine Dishwashing

We stock a wide variety of machine dishwashing products including powders, tablets and liquids for different models of domestic and commercial dishwashers.

Dishwasher tablets are available in convenient tubs of 1100 or “all-in-one” tablets in tubs of 1150 giving plenty of washes before you need to restock. Five kg tubs of dishwasher powder with built-in protection against scratches to glassware are also supplied, so dosing can be varied according to your water quality.

There are many options to choose from in the dishwashing liquids stocked by Chemsol Direct, some of which are specially designed for use with automatic dosing machines. Select from 20 litre, ten litre or five litre containers, whichever is most convenient. Our concentrated dishwashing liquid contains water softener and caustic alkali builders for stain removal in addition to corrosion inhibitor that protects the internal components of your machine. We also supply dishwashing liquid that can be used for washing up by hand as well as by machine. Our range also includes a selection of rinse aid additive products to be used with automatic dishwasher machines.

For publicans, wine bar proprietors and others who serve liquid refreshments, glass care solutions are also very important. In addition to our glass wash detergent designed for use in cabinet glass washers, we also supply five litre containers of glass renovator liquid to keep glassware sparkling clean and glass renovator powder in ten kg tubs for revitalising tired glassware. Our glass ware rinse aid is available in five litre containers and is designed for use in commercial glass washing machines. We also stock essentials such as beer liner cleaner in five litre containers, and all orders are available for next day delivery as long as you place the order before 2pm.

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