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No matter how careful we are and no matter how carefully we live our lives to minimise the rubbish we generate, we do still have to deal with it, and one of life’s basic essentials is a really good rubbish bin. At Chemsoldirect we know a good bin when we see one, and that’s why we offer our particular wheelie bin on our site. We are confident that it will suit you. And if you agree, you can order it quickly and effortlessly and be the proud owner of the smartest wheelie bin in the street just 24 hours later.

The Chemsoldirect wheelie bin is generously sized at 240 litres and is constructed in a top-quality plastic that has been rigorously tested to the highest standards and conforms to the EU standard EN840. The plastic used is recyclable polyethylene, and the bin is made using the latest production techniques and includes resistance to UV radiation, extreme weather conditions and chemicals. Importantly, many tests have been carried on the wheelie bin's lid to ensure that it is a really snug fit so that no unwanted smells can escape.

We can also provide some useful optional accessories for the black wheelie bin, including locks, a slot hole, a forklift attachment and a towing kit. With hygiene in mind, Chemsoldirect stocks the very effective Amphoclen heavy-duty sanitiser, Suma Bac Dio-Sl Diversey cleaner sanitiser and maxi antibacterial multi-surface cleaner. We can’t promise that your wheelie bin will sprout roses, but keeping it clean and hygienic just couldn’t be easier.

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