Safety Signs

Avoiding slips and trips in the workplace is a crucial part of health and safety management in any business. Staff, clients and visitors can all be at risk of injury through tripping on an uneven surface or slipping on a wet floor, so the use of safety signs is of paramount importance. For this reason, businesses should purchase a range of signs to warn of hazards so that there are always enough warning signs for use in emergency situations such as unexpected leaks or spills occurring.

Chemsol Direct stocks wet floor cones that are 355mm, or 21 inches, high. These cones, which are manufactured by SYR, are heavy duty and very stable. Being bright yellow, they are very noticeable warning signs. In addition to the words, “CAUTION WET FLOOR” being printed on each of the four sides, they also have a graphic representation of a person slipping on a wet floor, so even where people are unable to read the text, the meaning is patently clear.

Chemsol Direct can also supply an alternative wet floor warning sign in the shape of the more lightweight “A” sign. Also in bright yellow, this two-sided sign is suitable for narrow areas. It stands 63.5 cm (25 inches high) and folds for easier storage. It is also convenient to transport to different locations on a janitor cart. The text on this sign also states “CAUTION WET FLOOR” and has a graphic representation of a figure falling as well. It can be supplied as a bilingual sign, having one side in English and one in Welsh.

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