If you have ever moved house or premises or started a new business, you will know that the process of buying cleaning materials can be lengthy. Liquids, bleaches and polishes aside, it is the cleaning accessories that people often forget about and end up needing at the last minute.

Finding good-quality and affordable cleaning accessories can be difficult and often involves traipsing from store to store or buying in bulk at cash and carries. At Chemsol Direct we offer the whole range of cleaning products to suit your needs and pride ourselves on stocking a huge range of cleaning accessories. As an online store we offer you the opportunity to shop whenever you like and to purchase the quantity you need.

We stock the usual household and office items, such as mops of varying shapes, sizes and materials, mop handles and buckets, toilet brushes, sponges and spray bottles. We also stock those harder to find and less available items; for example, not every shop offers a snow scoop or an extendable litter picker. We specialise in cleaning accessories that professionals use, such as hand cleaning kits and octopus cleaning tools.

Our store is open to you day and night, whether you are a methodical new home owner ticking off your must-have list or a trade account buying in bulk for a business. If you are the latter, we can offer fixed term payment deals if you need to space payments over a period of time. We also care about the environment and make sure our products are environmentally friendly wherever possible. Cleaning is a necessary evil, so make sure you stock up with products that are kind to the earth and to your wallet.

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