Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaner can be a lifesaver for many businesses. Busy commercial environments and publicly accessible spaces, along with many other workplaces to a lesser extent, see heavy footfall. This leaves carpets very prone to stains and general dirt and grime. When food and drink are added into the equation, the potential for a wide variety of interesting and very serious stains becomes a real risk and even a regular occurrence.

Spills, accidents and simply the effects of muddy shoes can quickly turn a nice, new and otherwise hard-wearing carpet into something less than presentable. Carpets are not nearly as easy to clean as hard floors, where a simple mop is usually enough. No doubt some of the stains will prove very hard to shift with simple soap, water and scrubbing, even if a member of staff is on hand to provide instant attention while the spill is still fresh.

Obviously replacing carpets very regularly just to keep the environment presentable would be an unnecessary drain on a business's resources and would cause too much disruption to its operations as the carpet fitters descended every year or two. It would also defeat the point of spending more on hard-wearing commercial carpeting in the first place. Fortunately specialist carpet cleaners can prove highly effective at shifting even the trickiest stains that have worked their way deep into carpets, keeping everything in good shape for much longer.

At Chemsol Direct we offer a wide range of carpet cleaners and detergents to tackle both serious stains and general soiling. This includes both manual spot cleaners, ideal for quickly dealing with small- and medium-sized spillages, and machine cleaners for a complete clean and refresh. All the carpet cleaning products we sell are high quality and highly effective yet competitively priced.

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