Carpet Cleaners

Carpets are one of the most pleasant types of flooring, making them an appropriate choice for many settings where creating a nice environment is a priority. However, carpets can also seem like a real inconvenience. They are not as easy to clean as hard floors, and there is a tendency for dirt to work its way into the pile so that carpet quickly ends up looking grimy and dull. Liquids and odours also have a tendency to soak into the fabric, making carpets vulnerable to difficult-to-remove staining.

This is why many businesses and even busy homes rely on carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning products can be applied by hand to deal with relatively small areas of spillage or staining, or they can be loaded into a carpet cleaning machine for a complete, deep clean of the entire floor area. They can take the form of general carpet shampoos and stain removers or more specialist products for more specific challenges such as removing odours from products or cleaning up particularly difficult substances.

At Chemsol Direct, we stock a wide range of effective carpet cleaning products. Our range includes hand cleaning products for spot application or use over a fairly small area along with the products needed for carpet cleaning machines. We stock specific, specialist carpet cleaners as well as general-purpose ones in a variety of different quantities. All of our carpet cleaners are high-quality, effective, and competitively priced to ensure that your carpets are kept clean and continue to look their best.

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