Bleach & Disinfectants

Bleach & Disinfectants

Chemsol Direct is one of the United Kingdom's foremost specialist suppliers of hygiene and cleaning solutions for domestic and commercial use. We stock an extensive and competitively priced range of bleaches, disinfectants. and surface cleaners.

Our selection of high-quality bleaching preparations includes premium brands such as Domestos and Evans, and it comes in various strengths (such as thick) and containers (5 litre bottles or 6x750 ml bottles, for example), so we can accommodate home and professional cleaning requirements. We also carry a number of functional and reasonably priced multi-purpose surface cleaner sprays which contain bleach and will safely degrease and descale many surfaces.

We stock an equally comprehensive variety of disinfectants, again in several strengths, sizes and fragrances, which are suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and lavatories and ensure a safe and germ-free environment for family, friends, employees and customers. Our disinfectant selection is suitable for individual or bulk purchase.

Also available are numerous varieties of washroom and bathroom cleaner. Coming principally in 5 litre bottles or 6 x 750 ml hand-trigger sprays, these can be used efficiently and effectively to sanitise all bathroom surfaces. These solutions are accompanied by odour neutralisers and lavatory preparations such as Toilet Ducks.
Chemsol Direct offers a variety of delivery and shipping options, including same-day despatch for items ordered before 2pm. We have numerous pricing, financing and delivery choices available for public- and private-sector trade members. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be delighted to advise you on this or any other issue.

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