Colour Coded Mops

Colour coded mops offer all of the advantages of the standard mop, whilst eliminating the problems, such as cross contamination. By adding colour to the strands of the mop, it means that a mop can be designated for use in particular areas, to ensure harmful germs or bacteria are not spread in any way.

Whether you use the mop at home or for commercial use in high-risk areas, you can relax safe in the knowledge that it will not get muddled up with any other mop that may be used. Available in four stylish and eye-catching colours - red, blue, green and yellow - this offers you excellent flexibility to clean in specific areas of a room or building.

As a leading supplier of colour coded mops, at Chemsol Direct we are able to provide you with a high-quality product that produces professional results. Unlike some other floor cleaning items that last for little more than one use, or do not provide good results, our colour coded mop is durable and sturdy, so can be used repeatedly, giving an outstanding performance.

Made from quality materials that are a mixture of cotton and synthetic looped fibres, our colour coded mop is reliable and highly absorbent, so will not leave any residue on the floor, or leave any dirt untouched.

At Chemsol Direct, we like to make life easy on our customers, so you will be pleased to discover the colour coded mop is also machine washable. This enables you to keep the mop head clean, and prevents having to buy a new one when it starts to get dirty.

Easy to use and easy to fit to most other handles, including standard handles and those within the range, this versatile and robust colour coded mop will make light work of any dirty floor. The sturdy and flexible socket ensures the mop can easily attach and be released from the handle, where it will not rust or scratch the floor unlike some other makes and models.

The 250 gm revolution mop is cost-effective yet provides first-rate cleaning results. When twisting the handle, the mop is designed to flare out, to ensure maximum floor coverage, for optimum cleaning results. The mop head is also made to effortlessly open up in water, to release all of the dirt into the bucket, so you can carry on cleaning with ease.

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