Toilet & Urinal Cleaners

Toilet & Urinal Cleaners

If you are a business and you provide lavatories for your members of staff, or you are a business who provides lavatories for members of the public to use, then their cleanliness should be one of your highest priorities. At Chemsol Direct we stock a wide range of toilet and urinal cleaners as well as items that can be used to make sure that your toilets and urinals remain as clean and as germ resistant as they can be.

We can supply a wide range of toilet cleaners and urinal cleaner, specifically for use within the toilet or urinal, including leading domestic brands such as Domestos and Toilet Duck. Additionally we also stock thick bleach and disinfectant in five litre containers from companies such as Cleanline and Premisan. Once your toilets or urinals have been cleaned you will want to ensure that they remain that way and Chemsol Direct can supply 3kg tubs of urinal blocks as well as biological toss blocks for urinals and toilet bowl rim hangers in a variety of fragrances. Toilet brushes are also available as well as blue overshoes which are available in large quantities.

In addition to ensuring that the toilets and urinals are clean and remain that way, you will also want to make sure that the whole of the bathroom where the toilets and urinals are situated is clean. Evans has a wide range of cleaning products such as a washroom cleaner, odour neutraliser and washroom sanitiser whose purpose is to make the sinks and the toilets and urinals sparkle, as well as being hygienic. Blu Away also has a range of products designed to clean the washroom including a biological washroom cleaner which is available in units of six, meaning it can be used by an entire cleaning crew if you have several sets of lavatories. A product such as Washroom Concentrate from Selden is ideal for the areas of the bathroom that are touched most often such as door handles, taps and toilet flush handles.

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