Floor Cleaners & Maintainers

Floor Cleaners & Maintainers

At Chemsol Direct, we appreciate that no two floors may be the same and no two customers may have identical requirements, so we offer a wide range of floor cleaner solutions, to give you added choice and variety.

Whether you are looking for a product that cleans high-use areas or whether you need something that removes specific dirt such as oil or grease, we have just the product you will be looking for. Equally, not all floor types are suited to every type of cleaner, so if you have wood, vinyl, laminate or carpet, choosing the right type of cleaner is essential to ensure you get the best results, whilst protecting the floor's materials and keeping them in pristine condition.

Our gel cleaners are particularly well-suited for those areas that need regular maintenance and are versatile for a range of surfaces, including use as a hard floor cleaner. Providing fast acting results and a pleasant, clean and fresh aroma, gel cleaners remove stubborn dirt and stains whilst releasing a slip-free shine.

Ideal for use in domestic settings, but also suited for commercial use, our strong industrial floor cleaners are highly recommended if infection control is top of your agenda. Made with disinfectant ingredients to kill viruses and germs, our range of industrial floor cleaners is suitable for hospitals, schools, washrooms and swimming pools.

As well as keeping germs at bay and giving your floors a super clean sheen, at Chemsol Direct we also appreciate that customers want to protect the surfaces of their floor as much as they aim to keep them looking sparkling. That is why our cleaning products contain ingredients that protect surfaces, keeping them looking in tip-top condition. Our sealants are particularly effective at treating floors, preserving them and maintaining their condition for a long time to come.

Our five-litre solutions provide great economical value, whether you are looking to spray clean surfaces, require regular cleaning maintenance or need specific solutions to tackle stubborn oil and grease. For precise cleaning or multi-functional use, our cleaning solutions will ensure perfect results that you can rely upon, each and every time.

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