Pool Chlorine & Sanitisers

Pool Chlorine & Sanitisers

At Chemsol Direct we offer a great selection of swimming pool chlorine products. To ensure high performance products for all our customers, we only stock quality grade 1 chlorine products.

Chlorine for swimming pools works to clean and sanitise the pool. At Chemsol Direct our products can be used in a variety of different types of swimming pool including private pools and public swimming pools such as small school swimming pools and hotel swimming pools.

Choose from a leading selection of reputable brands to keep your swimming pool in the best possible condition. Our chlorine products can also be used to ensure that spa water used in a hot tub remains clean and sparkling always.

Chlorine products that we sell here at Chemsol Direct include chlorine granules and chlorine tablets. If you have a hot tub, it is better to use granules over tablets – this is because tablets are slow to dissolve in water and fumes can become trapped within your spa while the cover is in place. Chlorine granules feature a built in stabiliser to ensure the disinfection of spa water.

For private pools and small public pools, such as at a hotel or school, slow dissolving tablets will sanitise and clean the water.

For a complete pool cleaning solution, Champion Multifunctional Tablets available from Chemsol Direct act as a disinfectant, algaecide and flocculant in one – giving you even more value for money.

Browse the wide range of swimming pool chlorine products by shopping online at Chemsol Direct. Here you will find top quality chlorine for swimming pools that you can rely on with every use.

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