Tub Wipes

We have a great selection of tub wipes on offer for your business. Whatever type of business you are in, tub wipes are an essential product. They are convenient and easy to use, and our tubs come at affordable prices. We have the best bargains when it comes to tub wipes, so why not pick some up today?

If you work in an environment where substances are often spilled and need cleaning up, then our tubs of surface wipes are perfect for your business. Spills need immediate attention and with our surface wipes there is no time wasted looking for cloths and sponges ‒ just pull a wipe from the tub and get cleaning! We have two varieties of tub wipes. The first is our Heavy Duty Disinfectant Surface Wipes Tub of 1,000, perfect for larger companies or environments with high cleaning needs. Secondly we have our Sanitising Surface Wipes 150, a smaller tub that is great for smaller areas. Both these tubs offer a generous number of surface wipes for a bargain price.

Hand wipes are vital for any business that brings workers into contact with grease and grime. It is not always convenient to get to a sink, especially if employees are working outside or in a factory. We have a wide range of hand wipes available, which are perfect for cleaning hands. The first product on offer is our Cleaning & Degreasing Hand Wipes, which come in a large tub that will last and last. These are perfect for industrial sites, as are our Industrial Hand Wipes - Tub of 150. These represent great value for money and you can afford to have tubs placed around your working environment.

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