Plastic Packaging

We have a great range of plastic packaging that is ideal for your business. If you are in the market for plastic packaging, then you have come to the right place because we have a range of products to suit your needs at every different price point.

Chemsol Direct is a company that has been selling plastic packaging and other related products to happy customers for years. We offer lots of benefits, especially with our trade account, where you can get bulk discounts on plastic packaging products.

Types of Plastic Packaging Products

Our first plastic packing product is our Sandwich Standard Hinged packets of clear plastic sandwich containers. Some highlights of the product are its high level of visibility, hinged lid, and easy tight closure. They are the perfect product for displaying sandwiches in your shop, café, or catering business. When you buy in bulk from us, you know you will be receiving a great product at an even better price!

We also have our Sandwich Wedges Deep Fill Hinges. Some of the features of this great product are that it is 100 per cent recyclable and makes great takeaway packaging! These items are perfect for parties or large catering events. Their deep fill hinges mean that larger and more delicious sandwiches can be sold in these containers. This product also comes with same-day dispatch.

Our great range of plastic packing products is just waiting to be snapped up by our happy customers. Come and pick some up today!

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