Air Care

Air Care

Here at Chemsol Direct, we sell a vast selection of air care products that includes sprays and plug-in air fresheners. Our range includes products by Unibond that are manufactured by the 140-year-old German company Henkel along with products by Selden Research Ltd, an independent family company based in Derbyshire. Selden develops and manufactures cleaning and hygiene chemicals for both the professional and retail sectors.

Our range includes air freshening products that can be used in the home or in a commercial or office environment. This range includes the Rubbermaid Neutralle Microburst plug in air freshener, which delivers concentrated, odour-controlling fragrances to your bathrooms, meeting rooms, reception areas, offices, or other spaces. It is easy to control with an LED panel that shows the time, days left to refill, and remaining battery life. It has user-definable functions such as dispensing level and operating hours. Refills are also available in a variety of scents to match your mood.

We also stock the Unibond Aero Pure 360, which features 2-in-1 technology to absorb moisture and neutralise odours at the same time. It helps combat condensation, dampness in rooms, allergens that exist in the air, mildew, and mould. It is suitable to be used in rooms that measure as much as 20 metres square, making it ideal as a home air freshener. Refills are also available, with each one lasting approximately three months.

We like to carry a selection of air freshening products here at Chemsol Direct with a variety of dispensing options and scents. We care about your air care!

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