Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Making light work of housework or any cleaning chores is at the top of many people’s wish list. Any gadget that can make the work easier and quicker is always good news.

The right vacuum cleaners can definitely make it easier to clean homes and offices. They can clean carpets, rugs, wooden floors, tiles and linoleum, and they can also sweep up dust and crumbs from chairs, sofas and those hard-to-reach corners.

Some people also find it useful to vacuum glass light fittings before using glass cleaner because it gets rid of the dust and dog or cat fur that has collected there. While you’re at it, you can also vacuum the lightshades.

If you’re looking for a replacement vacuum cleaner, Chemsol Direct can get one out to you quickly. You can order online with next-day delivery if you wish.

We sell the quirky Henry Hoovers and Hetty Hoovers, whose smiley faces bring personality to your vacuum and make cleaning a bit more fun.

There are hundreds of varieties of vacuum cleaners, including upright models, cylinder types, cordless and robotics. There are also accessories and different brushes to clean the stairs or walls, for example.

A lot of it comes down to personal preference when buying a new cleaner. You might like a particular make, or perhaps you prefer cordless to corded vacuums. You can also choose between bagless varieties and those that have a bag.

You can look at the specifications of vacuums and vacuum cleaner spare parts at Chemsol Direct. If you order before 2:00pm, we will deliver the following day. We can also deliver to European addresses within three to five days.

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