Disposable Plates, Cups & Cutlery

Disposable plates, cups and cutlery are very useful items for a number of reasons and in a variety of applications. They are well-suited to outdoor settings, where standard, reusable crockery, cutlery and drinking vessels are often not ideal. They also suit a wide range of other settings, situations and serving set-ups where there is a high risk of items becoming lost or damaged, such as when people might want to take their food or drinks off the premises with them.

In other cases diners might simply find disposable items better-suited to their needs. This is especially true in the case of both indoor and outdoor functions where people are likely to be moving around and taking their food with them some or all of the time. In these cases they may appreciate the fact that disposable tableware is much more lightweight and easier to dispose of when they have finished eating and drinking without leaving the items in somebody else's way or scattered around the room.

Disposable tableware also has its advantages for caterers, of course. As it can simply be thrown away, it minimises clean-up times through eliminating the washing up process. This is much more convenient and reduces the number of hours staff must spend either washing up manually or loading, supervising and unloading dishwashers.

At Chemsol Direct we can supply a wide range of disposable plates, glasses and cutlery in a variety of types and quantities and at competitive prices. All the items we supply are high quality, ensuring that you won't be handing diners floppy plates or glasses that are liable to crack with the slightest encouragement.

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