Washroom Paper

Washroom Paper

Running a business involves so many facets, and you often end up doing things you never dreamed would be in your remit.

Even if you are not responsible for a particular area, you will certainly want to keep on top of the finances and make sure the right supplies are in stock.

One important area to keep clean and well stocked is the washroom. A visitor or potential customer can easily be put off if your washrooms are not as clean as expected, if the bins are overflowing, or they have run out of paper.

If your business has many visitors each day, it is worth making someone responsible for checking the washrooms a couple of times a day. If you run a restaurant or bar, this is certainly a key area to keep clean because people will start wondering what the kitchen looks like if the washrooms are dirty.

It is important to have a good stock of washroom paper such as toilet rolls and paper towels for drying hands. If you run out and have to pop out to the nearest shop for supplies, it can end up being very expensive.

Chemsol Direct sells a variety of toilet rolls in 2-ply and 3-ply along with paper towels to fit different dispensers. These are economically priced but still provide good quality.

If you are running short on your supplies of washroom paper, Chemsol Direct can deliver to your door the day after you place your order.

It is quick and convenient to order stocks online and either wait for the delivery or collect it from the store. You can also open a trade account to enjoy even more discounts and generous payment terms.

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