Chemsol Direct offers the best selection of polishes to suit every need and every surface. The process of polishing involves creating a smooth or cleaned surface, either with or without the use of chemicals depending on the nature of the item being polished. As an independent provider of polishes, we offer a wide range suitable for every need.

There are a variety of different polishes available from Chemsol Direct, of course, each of which will be suitable for different situations. ##Furniture polish is most likely to be the popular choice of polish within any household and different products will be suitable for different scenarios. A particularly useful tip is to use the lightest coloured polish that will blend with the grain of the wood being polished. Be careful to use the least abrasive furniture polish available, as strong polish will potentially damage the wood underneath. A good option is a product containing beeswax, such as the polish or aerosol polish from Heritage, which offers protection and a polished finish. Select is a silicone-based product that is suitable for day-to-day general-purpose polishing of surfaces such as stainless steel, marble, tile and plastic in addition to furniture.

When it comes to brass polishing, there are two different finishes. The first is lacquered brass, which needs to be wiped with a damp cloth and then the application of a general-purpose style of household cleaner, although it will always be beneficial to use some form of specialist brass polish such as Brasso. Non-lacquered brass requires a softer approach and buffing after the metal polish has been applied.

Regardless of your choice of polish, the important thing is to make sure you identify the composition item you are polishing correctly and ensure that you match the polish with the nature of the item. Follow the instructions and you will soon have a wood or brass item to be proud of!

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