First Aid Kits

At Chemsol Direct, we understand that it is important to be armed with the safety knowledge and accessories that come with using chemical cleaners. Our extensive familiarity with chemical cleaners extends to expert advice on the use and applications of cleaners. In addition to this advice, we also stock a range of first aid kits and packs that should be stored safely in your workplace.

Our first aid range includes disposable cool packs that can be applied in an emergency. There's no need for these handy cool packs to be stored in a fridge; they will simply be activated with a squeeze and a shake. The temperature of the ice packs will be -8 degrees in just a few seconds. Our longer-sized disposable ice packs have been designed to fit on limbs or the head or trunk of the body. These cool packs are designed for a single use and can be applied to a range of accidents including sprains, bumps, bruises and strains. In addition to cool packs, all workplaces should have a fully stocked first aid box that ideally includes a first aid guide, dressings, plasters, micro-porous tape, revive aid, tuff-kut scissors, gloves and an emergency foil blanket. Workplaces that use chemical cleaners might also need additional items including eye baths and eye dressings.

At Chemsol Direct, we ship out orders the same day if they are placed before 2:00pm. We also offer a range of delivery options that are based on a combination of distance and weight. For orders over £150, we offer free delivery. If you have any questions about first aid needs in your workplace, give our friendly expert staff a ring.

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