Oil Absorbent Pads / Mats

Oil Absorbent Pads / Mats

Chemsol Direct is one of the United Kingdom's foremost suppliers of hygiene and cleaning solutions for home and professional use. Our competitively priced and extensive range of products includes Oil Absorbent Double Pads.

These pads are professionally designed safely and effectively to absorb oil spills in garages, fuel supply areas, car and other vehicle parks, ponds, pools and larger expanses of water. They are manufactured from high strength polypropylene and are 400mm wide and 520mm in length, so they can be used in a wide variety of circumstances.

The pads have a high absorbency (capacity of 150 - 200 litres) and remain strong and intact even when saturated. The light blue fabric turns a darker shade when the pads are approaching maximum capacity, making them convenient and practical to use.

The Oil Absorbent Pads are water repellent and will float, making them particularly effective for spills in water, which have historically been difficult to contain and have represented a serious environmental hazard.

Our pack of 100 high quality pads can help businesses deal quickly and efficiently with oil spills and leaks which, whether small or large, are unsightly, unsafe and damaging to the environment.

Chemsol Direct has a range of shipping and delivery options, including same day dispatch for items ordered before 2 pm. We have a number of pricing and delivery choices available to our private or public sector trade members. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be delighted to help you with questions on this or any other issue.

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