Floor Pads

Floor Pads

Here at Chemsol Direct we sell a range of buffing pads and floor pads suitable for rotary floor cleaning and polishing machines, in addition to floor squeegees by renowned and innovative company Scot Young Research (SYR).

We stock both maintenance floor pads and dry buffing - or polishing ‒ pads. The floor maintenance pads are suitable for both dry or spray buffing and are ideal for auto-scrubbers, restoring the gloss while removing scuff marks and dirt from the floor. The pads are both splinter free and non-clogging and are made from high-density fibres with long-lasting abrasives. They feature a centre hole punch-out for attachment to most rotary floor machines.

Our buffing pads are a cost-effective solution for dry floor maintenance and polishing and are made from a specific fibre mix to increase the gloss level of the floor. The softness of the pad means it won't scratch or damage protected floors, and these pads are recommended for use with both low- and high-speed machines.

Chemsol Direct’s range of floor squeegees is made from high-grade soft foam rubber that maintains the squeegee profile to the floor surface. The squeegees have dual blades to create a vacuum, which helps to remove even more fluid for a faster drying time and provide a quick way to remove liquid from hard floors. They are also ideal for the confinement of all spillages ‒ even those including glass. These squeegees fit the interchangeable TIC handle fitting and the different colours allow the squeegees to be colour coded to reduce cross-contamination.

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