Specially formulated concentrated micro organisms that eat and digest salt and acids that make up pet urine.Specially formulated for Pet & Human urine

  • Friendly Micro Organisms
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Safe around children & pets
  • Does not contain bleach, or any harmful substances
  • For use on any surfaces and materials including carpets, and wood flooring.
  • Pet Whiff Off 5L Dog & Cat Urine & Odour Remover - Artificial Grass Cleaner

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    Specially formulated concentrated friendly micro organisms that eat and digest salts and acids that make up pet urine. Pet Whiff Off™ removes urine smells and odours from anything and everything including:

  • Carpets, Wood Floors, Tiles, Vinyl
  • Upholstery, Leather & Fabric Sofas, Mattresses
  • Patios, Artificial Grass, Decking... anything & everything
  • How Pet Whiff Off™ works

    Pet Whiff Off™ is 100% environmentally friendly. It specifically targets nasty odours and stains, unlike any other dangerous cleaners like bleach, detergents and any other traditional cleaners. This means that Pet Whiff Off™ is completely safe on all surfaces, completely safe around your pets and most importantly completely safe to you and your children. Pet Whiff Off™ is a totally friendly concentrated solution that is completely biodegradable. It even helps the environment!

    As well as being environmentally friendly Pet Whiff Off™ is also very powerful. Unlike other products out there including the use of baking powder and other household recipes, Pet Whiff Off™ does not mask smells and odours. Pet Whiff Off™’s combination of friendly micro organisms safely destroy amino acids, uric acids and crystals that make up urine.

    Please note before use:

  • Pet Whiff Off™ will only be activated when diluted with water and should be used within 2-3 hours.
  • We advise you test a small inconspicuous area before use.
  • Do not use Pet Whiff Off™ through a trigger spray. The spray mechanism can cause a detrimental effect to the friendly micro organisms, resulting in a weakened performance.
  • Shake container well before opening
  • Soak up and remove any excess soiling
  • Directions for use

    1. Dilute 1 part Pet Whiff Off™ to 10 parts water (1:10 dilution) using the Pet Whiff Off™ application bottle, to make up a ready-to-use solution
    2. Apply the ready-to-use solution directly onto the contaminated area
    3. Gently rub the read-to-use solution into all contaminants using the Pet Whiff Off™ Application Sponge
    4. Allow the ready-to-use to soak, allowing contact with all contaminants and leave to air dry
    5. Once the area is dry repeat this application of 1:10
    6. Repeat this application over a period of 2-days

    Ensure the Pet Whiff Off™ solution is in full contact with all contaminants on/or in the surface to be treated.

    Over the 2-3 day period the friendly micro organisms will slowly digest any contaminant deposits which will slowly dissipate any lingering smells and odours.

    Please note after use:

    Initial application of Pet Whiff Off™ may intensify the smell at first, which is normal. This is caused by the friendly micro organisms digesting the urine deposits.

    Traditional Cleaners

    Traditional methods of attempting to clean and remove pet urine; from cleaning with bleach, disinfectants or any household cleaners or remedies will often just mask any urine smells and odours. The urine smells and odours therefore have a tendency to return. If Pet Whiff Off™ is not used the urine smells and odours will not be fully eradicated, and the problem will persist.

    We guarantee that Pet Whiff Off™ will fully remove pet urine smells and odours providing you follow our instructions. As a result we give you Our Promise.

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