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Window Cleaning Accessories

One of the most rewarding jobs around the house is cleaning windows! This is a task we all dislike and usually put off completing, yet when we have sparkling windows we feel good and somehow the whole house seems brighter and cleaner. Regularly cleaning your windows makes sense, as the task is easier without months of built-up dirt. With the right equipment and cleaning products you will be amazed at how quickly the task is completed.

Chemsol Direct is the best place to purchase all the products you need for clean shining windows at affordable prices, and buying just couldn’t be easier. Simply order online and most products can be delivered to your door in just 24 hours.

The first step is to choose a good cloth for the task. The Cleaning Angels all-purpose cloths are great for window cleaning and for many other tasks, and are available in handy one-, two- and 12-cloth packs. If you want the ideal cloth, invest in a Cleaning Angels glass cloth that has been specially designed to tackle the job perfectly.

Chemsol has its own window cleaner, which comes in a handy five-litre plastic canister with carrying handle that can be easily used to refill a trigger spray bottle. Alternatively, the Evans Clear cleaner is great for tackling not only dirty windows but also glass and stainless steel. This also comes in a five-litre bottle, but don’t think that you couldn’t easily use this amount. Not only does Evans Clear leave windows clean, shiny and streak free but also it brings a sparkle to mirrors, plastics, porcelain, TVs and VDUs. Evans Clear puts the sparkle back into housework!

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