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Commercial Filters

Many varieties of commercial water filter systems are used to correct the pH of water supplies, remove sediments and metal ions such as iron, magnesium and calcium that create scum, as well as odours and colours. Backwashing filters are common commercial filters that wash away impurities. A backwashing system is a type of filter that consists of a tank – the mineral tank- and a filter that is called a medium. Water passes into the top of the tank, downwards through the medium that removes and holds the impurities, and down to the base of the tank where it moves back up through a riser to the control valve at the top. The filter media are selected according to their purpose. If they remove calcite, the pH of the water is increased. Other media can remove sediment and chlorine from pesticides and herbicides.

Granular activated carbon (GAC) filters are designed to remove odours, chlorine from drinking water as well as any organic matter. A carbon filter is also an excellent way to remove the “rotten eggs” smell of hydrogen sulphide. Standard carbon or birm filters are able to remove large sediment particles of 20 microns or more. Filter Ag is a silica quartz medium that will remove sediment but multi media filters that include s natural zeolites are a better method and can remove sediments particles of diameter less than 5 microns. Crystal Right is a filter medium that is essentially a water softener. It works through ion exchange to reduce hardness, ammonia, calcium, magnesium and iron as well as increase the pH of acidic water in one process. Iron is present in water directly drawn from wells. The Crystal Right CR200 Duplex is a filtration system that comprises two vessels, a brine tank and two valves. While one vessel regenerates, the second vessel becomes ready for use.

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