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How do I know if I need a Water Treatment Filtration System?

If you do not have access to mains water supply, achieving suitable drinking water can be a problem whether you have a borehole, well, spring extracting from a river or any other water source.

We work with our customers from start to finish; Testing to see what is in your water, analysing your waters test results and determining what (if any) water filtration is required.


Treating Water is What We Do

We can offer a comprehensive water treatment package to supply safe drinking water to the highest standard. We build our Water Treatment Systems to meet your requirements. 

✔ Farms 
✔ Dairy Herds
✔ Holiday Lets
✔ Isolated Houses
✔ Country Estates
✔ Outdoor Centres


Our systems will ensure your water will constantly comply to the Drinking Water Inspectorate. 

"Will my water quality be constant during low and high consumption periods?"

Yes, our water treatment systems are tailored to your individual water requirements.

Our water treatment systems are categorised into 3 main categories as shown below:

Small (500 litres per day) - Our domestic water treatment systems are pre-designed for single, point of use drinking water outlets. 

Medium to Large  (500 - 2500 litres per day) - Our private water treatment systems are designed to treat water to the whole property and can be sized to supply multiple properties if required. Ideal for properties that do not have mains water and rely on a local natural water source.

Commercial (3000+ litres per day) - Our commercial water treatment systems are tailor made to meet your water requirements. We work with Dairy Farms requiring peak demand at milking times and Caravan Parks whose water consumption doubles during busy periods.

Where do I Start?

In order to treat your water, we need to know what's in it. There are 2 groups of parameters we test for:

  • Microbiological - Harmful bacteria including Total Coliforms, Ecoli and Faecal Streptococci (Enterococci)
  • Chemical - Affects the quality, flavour and colour of water including Iron, Manganese, Copper, Lead, pH and Aluminium

The first steps to getting your water treated is knowing what is in your water. We have developed a simply easy-to-use solution for finding out what is in your water, Click Here For More Information 

Want more info?

Download this PDF for an example Certificate of Analysis

Buy a Drinking Water Testing Kit