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Mould Treatment

Mould Treatment

The appearance of mould in any home can be an annoying feature but thanks to mould removal products from Chemsol Direct you can easily eradicate mould while preventing it from growing back again. We offer mould remover products which ensure a top level of quality to rid any surface from the embarrassing sight of mould.

If you have black mould then you need a black mould and mildew remover. At Chemsol Direct we stock the innovative range of Mould Away™ mould and mildew remover products which follow an easy step by step system.

Whether you need a bathroom mould remover or want to rid your home of mould in any room, the Mould Away™ product range are high quality products which will do just that.

The first step of Mould Away is the Mould Away™ Concentrate. The concentrate works to remove and clean mould away from any surfaces or materials. The second step of Mould Away is the Mould Away™ Fungicidal Paint Additive. This ingenious paint prevents mould from returning.

At Chemsol Direct we only stock the most reputable brands and you will find quality and top performance with Mould Away products. Choose from a range of quantities and mould starter kits to find the right amount to suit your requirements.

From bathroom mould remover to black mould and mildew remover, Mould Away™ products from Chemsol will ensure mould is not only cleaned away but that it won't grow back again. Offering quality and fast results, you can rely on Mould Away™ mould remover with every single use.

  1. Concentrated Fungicidal Mould Remover

  2. Funigicidal Anti Mould Paint Additive

  3. Ready To Use Fungicidal Mould Remover