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We all know how important it is to make a good first impression. In the office this means always looking neat and presentable, keeping the office clean, and making sure your desk is tidy and organised. If you are the boss or owner, making sure the workplace is clean and tidy should be an important part of your daily schedule. The front entrance, reception, hallways and offices should always look welcoming.

The washrooms are another important area to keep clean, especially in offices or workplaces that have a lot of staff or have many members of the public visiting, such as restaurants, bars or government buildings. Although you want a spick and span office and washrooms, you do not want to spend an excessive amount of your budget on cleaners and cleaning equipment.

You can buy washroom cleaning products online, which saves you time and money. If you order from Chemsol Direct before 2pm, we will despatch your items on the same day. Deliveries can be arranged for the following day for businesses on the UK mainland, and orders can be taken from companies based anywhere in Europe. Ask for details if you are outside the UK. There is also free delivery in the UK for orders totalling more than £150, or you can order online and pick up your products in the store. The choice is yours.

Washroom cleaning products include bleaches, disinfectants and toilet cleaners in addition to washroom cleaners and sanitisers, which can kill bacteria and odours and come in a range of pleasant-smelling fragrances.##We also sell environmentally-friendly products and biodegradable products, which are less harmful to the planet.

Chemsol Direct also sells washroom cleaning accessories such as toilet rolls and hand towels. We can offer cleaning products from reputable brands such as Flash and Domestos at competitive prices, enabling your company to save money.

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