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Car Detailing Products

At Chemsol Direct we stock all the car detailing products you'll need from Chamois Leather to Microfibre Cloths. We work hard to bring you car cleaning accessories. We understand that keeping the interior of your car clean is a must, that's why car detailing at Chemsol Direct is the place to shop.

Browse our car detailing products including; car polishing cloths, de-mist pads, car brushes and sqeegees. And remember if you can't find what you're looking for you can always contact us.

  1. Interior Dash & Trim

  2. Cloths, Rags & Microfibres

  3. Car Brushes and Squeegees

  4. Car Buckets Tools and Tidies

  5. Chamois Leather

  6. De-Mist Pads

  7. Dusters

  8. Gift Packs

  9. Hose Accessories

  10. Mitts and Pads

  11. Polisher and Polishing Bonnets

  12. Stockinette and Polishing Cloths