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What are Stabilised Chlorine Granules?

Stabilised Chlorine Granules   Stabilised chlorine granules are a popular method of killing off bacteria in swimming pools and spas without creating an unpleasant odour or causing skin irritation. The element chlorine is one of the most effective treatments against bacteria in public leisure centres and swimming pools.

Swimming pool chlorine

Among the many types of chlorine-based pool chemicals granular chlorine has a number of advantages. The key ingredient in chlorine granules can be either calcium or sodium hypochlorite. These chemicals kill not just bacteria but algae, fungi, slime and other undesirable pool inhabitants. The advantage in using a sodium hypochlorite based product such as Champion Chlorine Granules rather than a calcium compound, is that on dissolving in water, it does not add to the water’s calcium content. A calcium-based pool chemical not only further hardens the water but may also create scum over the water surface and around the pool sides. As the granules dissolve in water they create hypochlorous acid which is the chief sanitising agent. A further by-product is isocyanuric acid which enables the water to resist any chlorine loss under bright sunlight. Heat and light from a bright sun can react with hypochlorous acid to release chlorine into the atmosphere and may also create an unpleasant smell that used to be a significant feature of public swimming pools some years ago.

Stabilised chlorine granules and tablets

Chlorine tablets are used mostly in larger sized pools. Chlorine can be added to swimming pool water in the ratio of 1.8 grams of chemical to 1,000 litres of swimming pool water. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor pools of all sizes. Like the granules, the tablets will dissolve rapidly and can be used daily to keep the pool clean. Use stabilised chlorine granules or tablets on a regular basis to keep your swimming pool clean and free of infection at all times. Why not explore our range of sodium hypochlorite and chlorine granule products or contact one of the team for further information. For more advice on stabilised chlorine granules contact us here.