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  • How to clean a swimming pool

    ow to clean a swimming pool

    Pools are a great luxury for the home and a popular draw for a range of businesses, but many have no idea how to clean a swimming pool when it is first installed. Unless you want to go down the costlier route of employing somebody who knows what they are doing to handle the job for you, it is time to start learning.

    The matter of how to clean a swimming pool is not as complex as it may appear. For the most part, it's just about making sure you keep on top of a few key areas.

    Swimming Pool Chemicals

    In order to prevent micro-organisms or other living things from multiplying in your pool, it is important to treat it regularly with the right sanitising chemicals. Chlorine is the most common, though alternatives are available, and they come in liquid, powder and tablet forms. There are also other chemical treatments available such as algaecide and treatments for altering the PH, as well as water testing kits which are vital for ensuring you have the right balance of everything.

    Removing Debris

    It is also necessary to remove debris and dirt from your pool sometimes, especially if it is outdoors, because leaves, dust and dirt are likely to blow in on the wind. Some debris will float and can be hooked out with a net. Some may settle on the bottom and can be removed with a special tool that attaches to the filter system and acts rather like a vacuum cleaner sucking water instead of air. Filters should also be cleaned regularly, including immediately after cleaning with this vacuum-like attachment.

    Pool Covers

    Ideally, you should also try to prevent debris getting in the pool, particularly if it is located outdoors. For this, a swimming pool cover will work wonders and will also serve to prevent evaporation and save energy if the pool is heated. If for any reason you do not or cannot use a cover, a liquid swimming pool cover treatment will do the job of preventing evaporation and conserving heat, leaving the debris to be picked up as part of your regular cleaning operations.

    So there you have it - a brief outline of how to clean a swimming pool without getting too complex and technical. To find out more about the extensive range of pool chemicals and treatments we can offer to help keep the water clean, take a look at the relevant section of our online store.

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