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Spring cleaning tips

Spring cleaning tips

This is the time of year to dust off the cobwebs and give your home a thorough cleanse, so try these spring cleaning tips to make your housework a breeze.

One of the most valuable tips for spring cleaning is to collect all of the equipment you will need together before you start. Organise a good supply of all the different cleaning chemicals and products.

Ensure you include all-purpose and specialist chemicals, as well as cloths, dusters, a vacuum with attachments, a mop and plenty of bin bags. Clear each room of all unnecessary clutter, throwing out any unwanted items before you begin in order to make cleaning a simpler task.

Work Efficiently

Tackle the worst rooms first, beginning by removing surface dust and any small bits of rubbish. Apply any necessary cleaning sprays and leave to soak away tough grime whilst you get on with a different task before returning to wipe away the dirt.

Work top to bottom, beginning by dusting ceilings, walls and pictures, then cleaning fixtures and furniture before mopping or vacuuming floors and finally applying finishing touches such as toilet odour neutraliser.

Spring Cleaning Tips: Mistakes to Avoid

You can’t clean your home with dirty equipment, so make sure you keep your cleaning tools fresh too. Regularly change your cloths and dusters, frequently empty your vacuum and use an interchange mop head to avoid spreading more dirt around your kitchen floor.

Avoid letting the housework build up, as it will be much easier to keep your home looking clean all the time if you do housework little and often.

Follow these tips by preparing thoroughly and ensuring you have a good stock of the right cleaning products to hand. By keeping on top of housework and tackling a room at a time, you can make this potentially daunting task a much simpler challenge.