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New Year’s Cleaning Resolutions for 2015

Cleaning Resolutions

As New Year approaches, it is time to start thinking about making those resolutions that will hopefully last longer than the January sales! Lots of resolutions are hard to maintain and impractical, but getting a cleaning resolution plan put in place is one of the easiest tasks you could do to get 2015 off to a fresh start.

Eradicate mould

Mould is unsightly and can cause health problems, so it makes sense to keep on top of any suspect mould patches that form in damp places around the home. Top spots include bathroom tiles and the edges of windows. It is easy enough to wipe mould away with a cloth and spray, but use a specialist mould removal product, such as Mould Away, for the best results.

Freshen up appliances

Start the New Year off with sparkling kitchen appliances, and get into the habit of regularly cleaning often-neglected areas, such as inside dishwashers and washing machines, or the oven. In particular, ovens often require specialist cleaners, such as degreasers or caustic-based cleaners that can tackle grime and greasy residue, while protecting the surface of your oven.

Pet stains

If you have any pets at home, then you may find the occasional stain, mark or odour caused by your furry friend. There are lots of pet stain and odour removal products designed to remove stains and smells easily, so that your home looks and smells clean and fresh again. Try the Pet Whiff Off cleaner. It is safe and environmentally friendly, and can be used on indoor or outdoor surfaces.

Invest in a new mop

If your mop looks like it has seen better days, then it will not do a very good job of keeping your floors clean. As the New Year arrives, why not invest in a new mop? It can be a good idea having more than one mop for different purposes, such as cleaning bathroom or kitchen floors. Colour coded mops offer a great solution for cleaning floors. Make sure that you use a floor-cleaning product that is suitable for the type of floor you intend to clean.

Tackle toilets

Toilets often require a different set of cleaning products compared to other areas of the home, so tackle stubborn limescale and odours with toilet-specific products, such as a toilet descaler and a toilet odour neutraliser, that act quickly and effectively to leave your toilet fresh and clean.

Clean computer

It is often said that a computer keyboard harbours more germs than a toilet seat, so try to keep on top of cleaning your computer area and home office desk space. A good, antibacterial surface cleaner spray or sanitising surface wipes are ideal for use in this area.